Online personal and professional development courses

NEW FOR 2021!

This practical On-demand course will unlock the secrets of using LinkedIn to showcase your expertise, experience or your business. Discover how to use LinkedIn to build a positive first impression, boost your credibility and grow your network. If you’re searching for a new role, you’ll learn how to develop your Linked In profile in the right way to open the door to new opportunities.


Cold weather makes you want to wrap yourself in a blanket, spend the day napping and eating snacks. Coupled with the lockdown restrictions, keeping a positive mindset might be a struggle. This on-demand course will provide some practical tips that can help keep you and your family stay busy during the winter months. 


With redundancies rising and personal debt at a record high, it’s vital to improve your personal finance skills. Go back to basics with this on-demand course - a wrap up of all related topics such as debt, pensions, credit scores, budgeting and everything in-between. Helping to put you on a realistic and effective path towards financial stability.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the many demands placed on you day-to-day? This course will help you refocus as you explore your own choices and priorities, empowering you to make the most of your time and energy and achieve a balance that works for you.

We all want to be happy but what does that actually mean and what can we do in our everyday lives to be happier? Get a better understanding of what gives your life meaning and purpose and learn how to find more opportunities for happiness.

Forget everything you thought you knew about ageing. Later life is an opportunity to set new goals and find new opportunities. Learn how to identify your personal strengths and to draw on them for a sense of meaning, purpose and positive direction.

A sense of productivity, purpose and accomplishment is crucial for your wellbeing. Explore a range of productivity tips, tools and techniques that will help you refocus on your priorities, overcome blockers and get more out of each day.

Learn to spot signs of stress amongst your team and how to provide guidance and structure to support them. Explore the business impact of implementing a strategy that empowers you and your team to manage stress and increase resilience.

A flexible and positive mindset can help you achieve success in all areas of your life. In this course you’ll explore how to develop a growth mindset so you can pursue your personal and professional goals more effectively.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to manage your emotions and understand and interpret those of others. Explore the benefits of emotional intelligence to your personal performance, relationships and influence, and learn how to boost your EI.

Boost your activity levels and get the facts about diet and nutrition. Learn and practice simple exercises that you can do at home. Discover how the food you eat impacts your mood as well as your physical health. Get recipe ideas to help you make healthier food choices with confidence.

Discover the factors that can influence your mental health and how to recognise signs of problems in yourself and others around you. Explore practical ways to take care of your mental health including how to have confident conversations about your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Your personal brand is about how others perceive you. With the right tools, it’s something you can actively shape, control and use to make an impact, get ahead in your career and extend your influence. Learn how to stamp your personal brand on your CV, LinkedIn profile and elevator pitch.

Sleep is important for your immune system, brain health and weight management. Become an expert in your personal sleep patterns and any sleep challenges. Explore practical ways to improve the quality of your sleep so you can start each day feeling refreshed and energised.

What are your plans for retirement? Set aside time to explore what’s important to you, identify your hopes and goals for retirement and how you might achieve them. Consider how you will maintain your sense of energy and purpose so you can enjoy and make the most of this next phase

Designed specifically for young people aged 18-25, this course helps you focus on your goals and priorities. You’ll learn how to strike a balance between your career and life outside of work, train your mindset for success and explore long-term career management strategies.

An introduction to the foundations of mindfulness. Learn how mindfulness techniques can help you manage stress, anxiety or depression. Discover how living mindfully can improve your concentration, boost your energy levels and help you find more joy in everyday life.

Understand the concept of resilience and how it can help you manage stress and deal with setbacks. Discover how to build and strengthen your personal resilience and dive deeper into your individual stress response for more effective stress-management strategies.