Online personal and professional development courses

Being effective is a crucial aspect of our wellbeing. It gives us a sense of achievement, autonomy, certainty, purpose and control, and this in turn leaves us more fulfilled and motivated to do more.

New course for 2019: This course will ensure that as a manager or leader, you’re able to support your team by recognising when they are stressed and why, and be able to implement strategies to develop their resilience and improve their wellbeing and performance.

New course for 2019: Reveal how you can achieve both personal and professional success by having a more adaptable mindset.

New course for 2019: Find out how to better manage your emotions, understand those of other people, make better decisions and think more rationally.

New course for 2019: Learn how to use nutrition and fitness to improve your energy levels.  

New course for 2019: Discover the signs of mental ill health and how to have conversations about this. Learn practical strategies to look after your own mental health. 

New course for 2019: Learn how to boost your impact and become more effective, confident and persuasive by discovering and developing your personal brand. 

New course for 2019: Learn about the health benefits of a good night’s sleep and tips to help you achieve it. 

New course for 2019: For those approaching retirement, or anyone looking to find out how to stay motivated and fulfilled during their retirement.

New course for 2019: This course for 18 - 25 year olds will help you explore your motivation and goals in life and how to achieve them.

New course for 2019: Understand the concept of mindfulness and how to use mindfulness techniques to manage your time effectively and combat stress.

New course for 2019: The way you react to challenges and setbacks is a reflection of how resilient you are. Our boost your resilience course explores the tools you will need to develop a resilient mindset and attitude.