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26 June 2024

espresso strengths for a positive later life

Explore and identify your strengths, positive attributes, and abilities, which can not only support you but also guide you in discovering …
espresso series
2 July 2024

caring for elderly relatives

Are you one of the 3.1m carers of elderly relatives in the UK? Are you navigating the complexities of the care system while balancing work and …
espresso series
10 July 2024

manage change effectively

Change is now an inevitable part of modern life. The world we live in is changing more quickly with globalisation and advances in technology as …
espresso series
17 July 2024

dealing with difficult situations

Discover simple and effective techniques to resolve the situations you might dodge, charge in too heavy handed or dance around.
espresso series
18 July 2024

smart hacks - studying and revision

Looking to improve your study habits? Join us to learn how to maximize time with your teacher, take better notes, and stay proactive in your …
espresso series
1 August 2024

developing a compassionate mind

Learning to support ourselves with care and kindness will equip us with the internal resources we need to manage stressful times.
espresso series
7 August 2024

men's health and nutrition

Discover how men’s health and hormones change and the positive steps that can be taken to manage it all. Learn about the science behind prostate …
espresso series
15 August 2024

menopause at work - panel discussion

In this session we’ll build an awareness of menopausal symptoms – including the lesser known. We’ll discuss timeframe, what’s preventing …
espresso series
29 August 2024

smart hacks - exam strategies and resilience

The accounting exam is a one-shot opportunity with high stakes. Effective exam techniques and personal wellbeing are two crucial elements for …
espresso series
5 September 2024

do more in a day than in a week

Join us for an opportunity to step back and review what you do - your goals and priorities, how you do them, and your strategies and your …
espresso series