complaints policy

1. Introduction

caba is committed to providing its volunteers, members, delegates, clients and partners with the best possible service, which meets your needs, and ensures that you are treated fairly and with respect.

We strive to provide quality services in line with the caba values of integrity, teamwork and respect, but recognise that sometimes things can go wrong, or you may become unhappy with the service you receive. We encourage feedback so we can continually improve our service to you.

The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for dealing with complaints, which can be given verbally, by phone, email or in writing.

If you wish to make a complaint, we will ensure that:

  • Your complaint is treated seriously and promptly
  • Your ability to use a service will not be affected because you have made a complaint
  • Your complaint is handled without bias or discrimination.

2. What can you complain about?

You can complain about caba's published policies, services or actions.

We can’t accept complaints about eligibility as our charitable objectives clearly state who we are here to support.

A carer, friend or advocate can also complain on your behalf, as long as they have your permission.

3. Timescales

Complaints should be made within 6 months of the matter occurring or from the date it came to your notice.

We will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days and provide a full response within 20 working days after our acknowledgement, in complex complaints it might take longer, we will agree timescales with you.

4. Complaints process

You can make a complaint by telephone, by email or by post.

Your complaint will be passed to the most appropriate person, who will:

  • Acknowledge your complaint in writing and inform you that they will be the one dealing with it
  • Record the nature and detail of your complaint
  • Inform you of our complaints policy and provide you with a copy
  • Discuss with you the outcome you would like and how you would wish the complaint to be resolved
  • Explain to you what will happen next and by when
  • Log your complaint on our internal complaints register
  • Inform you of the result of your complaint once it has been investigated

If you are not satisfied with the outcome you can appeal; see Section 5 below.

5. Appeal

To appeal, please contact our Executive Officer in writing, email or by phone (details below).

Your complaint and appeal will be passed to a member of the Executive team who will write and inform you that they will be reviewing your appeal.

They will investigate the facts of the case. This may involve reviewing the paperwork of the case and speaking with the person who dealt with the formal complaint. They will write to you with the outcome of their investigation which will include::

  • A description of the process taken to investigate your complaint
  • The conclusions drawn from the investigation. They will confirm if they agree or not with the finding from the original investigation and why
  • Any actions that have been taken to resolve your complaint
  • Your right to complain about the way your complaint has been handled (see below).

6. Complain about the handling of your complaint

If you feel your case is still unresolved, you can ask the President of the Board of Trustees to review your complaint and act as an arbitrator. The decision of the President is final and can only take into account the handling, not the substance of the complaint. A copy of the review will be sent to you (the complainant) and the Chief Executive.

There are independent organisations to whom you can complain about specific services. These are:

  • Complaints about our debt service: Financial Ombudsman
    • If we take longer than 20 working days to provide you with a full response to your complaint about our debt service, or you don’t think we’ve resolved your complaint you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service.
    • Web:
    • By phone: 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123
    • By email: [email protected]
    • By post: Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR
  • Complaints about Fundraising: Fundraising Regulator
  • Complaints about the way we handle or process your data: Information Commissioner's Office

7. Complaints about the President or Trustees

If your complaint is about the President, one or both of the Vice Presidents will manage the complaint. If your complaint is about the Trustees generally, the President will manage the complaint.

8. Contact details for making a complaint


Merrett House
Swift Park
Old Leicester Road
CV21 1DZ

+44 (0)1788 556 366

[email protected]

9. Monitoring

Annually, the Chief Executive reviews and summarises all complaints received in the year and presents the findings to the Board, along with any appropriate recommendations.

Review date: May 2022