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We’re here for ICAEW members, ACA students and close family dependants to offer a helping hand when things get in the way or they’re too overwhelming to handle alone, however big or small, everyday or exceptional.

Our vision is that everyone in the ICAEW community can fully participate in life, whether they’re training for their career, starting their career, developing it, changing it or coming to retirement.  We’re here are every stage along that journey with the practical, emotional or financial tools to help you manage whatever you’re facing, from everyday situations to exceptional life-changing circumstances.

But we know that many of you don’t like asking for help, let alone know what we could do to support.

We’re asking our community to share their advice about coping with the challenges they’ve faced or how we have supported them in the past. 




part of something together

We’re building a collection of letters that contain experiences and advice from others, told as it is, in the hope that we can help our community resonate in shared experiences.  You can also find out more about how we could help you or an immediate family member.

share your advice and experiences

Sharing your advice might be all that it takes for someone else to get in touch. And if they do, we’re here to guide, support or help them manage whatever they’re facing. We’d love you to write a short letter (up to 400 words) to someone who might need to read it.

"We all have the same problems and challenges, but we start to believe that it’s just us if we don’t talk to each other..."

A friend in the industry

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our advice and support

We want our community to thrive. We help by equipping you with the practical, emotional or financial tools to manage whatever’s in front of you, from everyday situations to exceptional life-changing circumstances.

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