caba appeals process

  1. If you feel that caba’s decision about your support application is wrong or unfair, you are entitled to appeal in writing, outlining the basis of your appeal in as much detail as possible, to Head of Support Services within 10 working days of the date on which you were informed of the decision. You should also state whether you would prefer caba to consider your appeal in writing, or at a hearing 
  2. On receipt of your appeal, caba will arrange for the appeal to be considered by a senior representative who has not been previously involved in the case and is senior to the individual who made the original decision (the “Appeal Manager”) 
  3. If your appeal reveals any new information which was not considered by caba in making the original decision, the Appeal Manager will assess whether that information could have had a material impact on the original decision. If so, you may be invited to submit a revised application which will then be re-assessed 
  4. An appeal will be a review of the fairness of the original decision in the light of the procedure that was followed, rather than a re-assessment of the whole application 
  5. If you have requested a hearing in person and the Appeal Manager’s assessment is that a hearing in person could provide useful further information beyond what is already available to caba, then we will give you written notice of the proposed date, time and place of the appeal hearing. This will normally be seven to 10 working days after you receive the written notice 
  6. A hearing in person will be attended by the Appeal Manager and another senior representative. A hearing may be conducted in person through video conference, or at our offices.  
  7. We may adjourn the appeal hearing if we need to carry out any further investigations in the light of any new points you have raised at the hearing. You will be given a reasonable opportunity to consider any new information obtained before the hearing is reconvened 
  8. Following our assessment of your appeal, including any hearing, we may: 
    • confirm the original decision; or 
    • ask the original decision maker to review your application again in light of the issues identified as part of the appeal.  It is not the role of the Appeal Manager to make a fresh decision about the application 
  9. We will inform you in writing of our final decision as soon as possible, usually within 14 working days of receipt of your appeal, or if later, of the appeal hearing. There will be no further right of appeal 
  10. This policy applies to all appeals relating to support applications, whether the applicant is a caba employee or non-caba employee. It is distinct from caba’s policies on complaints and grievances 
  11. This policy has been adopted by the Support Services Committee. It will be reviewed as part of our policy review cycle and may be amended from time to time 

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