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financial support and grants

Whether it’s the everyday or out the blue changes to your situation, balancing our finances is challenging. Our financial support and grants are here to give you safety net to help get you back on your feet.

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Our financial support of monthly payments gives you the breathing space so you can get your finances in order.

All our grants and donations are short term or one-off payments to help cover bills and unexpected costs. They’re not a loan. You don’t have to pay the money back.

Our support is means-tested so we'll take into account your entire household’s income, expenditure and capital. Talk to us before you assume you won’t be able to get financial support, as our criteria might be broader than you realise.

energy costs payment

Keeping your home at a reasonable temperature is good for your health and your wellbeing but as energy costs are rising, you might find it too expensive to heat or cool your home. Our energy costs payment is a fixed sum of £450 to help pay your gas, oil, electric and other energy bills. This is on top of any other payment from the government. If you’re living outside the UK, it can also be used towards air conditioning, batteries and generators.

reduced ICAEW subscriptions

We know that keeping your ICAEW membership is really important for both personal and professional reasons, but it might be challenging to pay it even at a reduced rate. We can provide a donation to cover this cost, and can pay it directly to the ICAEW for you.

We also offer a range of financial support for students, making sure you’re supported right from the start of your career journey.

essential living expenses

If you’ve experienced a sudden change in your situation that means you’re no longer able to pay your essential bills, we can help. Our short-term grants can cover essential living expenses, including mortgage and rental payments, to give you the time and space you need to adjust and adapt.

“It was difficult to admit that I needed some help, but it gets easier every time. caba are very easy to get on with and nothing seems to take very long. I feel more secure now.”


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back-to-school payment

Getting your children ready for a new school year can be expensive. Our back-to-school discretionary donation is a fixed sum to help cover these costs. The money can be used to buy school uniform, shoes, PE kits and other school essentials. Applications are open from May-October.

your home and appliances

Costs around your home can emerge unexpectedly, whether a key appliance is no longer working or you need essential repairs. If your insurance is unable to help, please get in touch as we may be able to assist with a repair or replacement.

other grants and donations

We can help with financial assistance in many other ways, including car repairs, mobility aids, funeral costs, care home top-up fees and adapting your home to make it more accessible. One of our friendly Support Officers will be happy to explore your needs.

apply for financial support

Take back control of your personal finances by talking through your situation with one of our friendly support officers.

talk to us

financial support process

Below is an overview of how our financial support process is carried out. You’ll have a dedicated support officer to help you at each stage.


discover our financial tools

Our array of financial tools can help organise your finances, whether you’re looking to budget better, check what benefits you may be entitled to or see what your retirement finances look like.


budget planners

Our free tools can create in-depth budgeting plans, giving you a breakdown of income and expenditure.

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redundancy pay calculator

Know your rights and check whether you're being paid what you're entitled to.


benefits calculator

Check which UK benefits you may be eligible for, including welfare benefits, grants and other support.

your questions answered

Who is eligible for support?

We support past and present members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW), ACA students, ICAEW staff members, and the family and carers of members and students. 

  1. No matter where your career takes you, past and present members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England Wales (ICAEW) are eligible for caba’s services for life, even if you change your career and leave accountancy 
  2. ACA students (ICAEW Provisional Members) who are either an active student or have been an active student within the last three years are eligible for caba's services 
  3. Past and present staff members of the ICAEW or caba are eligible for caba's services for life, even if you leave either organisation. Please note, for former employees, our financial support is only available to those who have had five years continuous employment with either organisation 
  4. Family members and carers of either an eligible past or present ICAEW member, ACA student or past or present employee of the ICAEW or caba are eligible for caba's support. We define a family member as a: 
    1. spouse, civil partner or cohabiting partner 
    2. widow, widower or surviving civil partner who has not remarried or cohabiting with a partner 
    3. divorced spouse or civil partner who has not remarried or cohabiting with a partner 
    4. child aged up to 25. Please note, children aged between 16 and 25 are not eligible for individual financial support 
    5. any other person who is dependent on the eligible individual supporting them financially or are reliant on the eligible individual’s care 
    6. any other person on whom the eligible individual is reliant, either financially or for care 

You can find out more about our available support both in the UK and around the world on our support we offer  page. 

Are your services means-tested?

If you need financial support, we carry out a means test where we consider income, expenditure, capital and assets.  

*Please note none of our other services are means-tested. 

How confidential is caba?

Everything you tell us is kept in the strictest of confidence. We don't share your personal information with any third parties, and that includes the ICAEW. Caba is a separate organisation from the ICAEW and is an independent charity with its own board of trustees.

How long does it take to receive financial support?

It depends on the individual situation, but we can work very quickly if it’s an emergency.

download our financial support flowchart


Will caba support me if I live outside the UK?

If you’re eligible for our support, we’ll support you wherever you live. 

Do I have to pay for support?

No, all our support is free.

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