Our enhanced webinars are interactive webinars lasting three hours (9:30am - 12:30pm) with regular breaks. They’re designed for more in-depth learning. Our espresso series are lunchtime webinars lasting an hour (12:30pm - 1:30pm) designed for you to watch over a cuppa. To enrol onto our webinars, you need to be eligible for our services. 

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21 May 2024

supercharge your sleep

In need of a good night’s sleep? This training explores a range of ideas and activities, all aimed at helping you improve the quality and …
enhanced webinar
22 May 2024

espresso eat well on a budget

Preparing appetising, nourishing meals without breaking the bank is an ongoing challenge for many of us. This interactive session is a …
espresso series
23 May 2024

espresso boost your communication skills 1 – imparting information effectively 

What would it be like if you could interact in a way that impresses, influences and inspires? Whether it’s in writing, video calls or in person, …
espresso series
4 June 2024

espresso handling personal change positively

In a rapidly evolving world, change is inevitable. From globalisation to technological advancements and recent global events, our lives and work …
espresso series
5 June 2024

espresso managing your personal finances

When our finances start to feel out of control, this can have a knock-on effect on our mental and physical wellbeing. Discover ways to balance …
espresso series
6 June 2024

communicating compassionately

Have you ever wished you could create better rapport, trust or connection with others professionally and socially? We can often take …
espresso series
12 June 2024

espresso understanding mental health, skills for life

Discover the factors that can influence your mental health and how to identify problems in yourself and others. Explore practical ways to take …
espresso series
19 June 2024

espresso overcoming Imposter syndrome - part 2

Have you managed to overcome your imposter voice and persevere to achieve success despite it? In this Espresso we are exploring ways to overcome …
espresso series
25 June 2024

power up your LinkedIn profile

Log on to this practical, three-hour session and put what you learn into practice as you update your profile. Discover how to optimise your …
enhanced webinar
26 June 2024

espresso strengths for a positive later life

Explore and identify your strengths, positive attributes, and abilities, which can not only support you but also guide you in discovering …
espresso series