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debt advice

Debt can affect anyone at any time. If you need help managing debt, setting a repayments plan or dealing with the stress that debt can cause, we can help.

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Debt can affect anyone at any time. We’re on hand to support the ICAEW community with bespoke financial advice to help manage money worries.

Whether you're trying to improve your credit score, pay off your debts one step at a time or want to know the implications of debt on institute membership, our helpful on-site materials and support officers have the answers. 


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We know being in debt can be a deeply personal matter, that's often difficult to talk about. Our friendly and non-judgmental debt advisers will give you the time and space to share your worries.

Whether you’re dealing with difficult everyday financial situations or something unexpected, our team can help to alleviate these pressures. 

our tools

Take a look at our useful tools below to help get your finances back on track. 


budget planners

Our free tools can create in-depth budgeting plans, giving you a breakdown of income and expenditure.

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savings calculator

If you're looking to get a hold of your savings and organise your finances, this tool is for you.


benefits calculator

Check which UK benefits you may be eligible for, including welfare benefits, grants and other support.

our financial podcast

Our podcast The Cash Conversation explores all things personal finance, debt, budgeting and savings. Join our panel of financial and mental health experts here at caba alongside some influential names in the industry for a discussion about the different types of debt and tips for how to tackle it.

your questions answered

What happens when I contact caba?

One of our team will have a chat with you about your situation. They'll listen to you, and they may be able to identify other ways in which we can support you alongside our debt advice services. One of our debt advisers will then be allocated to you as your support officer, and they'll be your main point of contact at caba.

Your support officer will explore your financial situation in depth with you. They'll ask you to provide details of your monthly household income and expenditure, as well as your debts. You may find it helpful to begin preparing this information ahead of time.

Once you've shared this, your support officer will identify any ways in which you can increase your income, such as claiming state benefits you may be entitled to, and reduce your expenditure, such as switching energy tarriff or ensuring your tax code is correct.

Together you'll assess your options for tackling your debts, and choose a course of action that's right for you. Your support officer will support and advise you as you begin to address your debts.

How confidential is caba? Do you report members to the ICAEW?

Everything you tell us is kept in the strictest of confidence. We don't share your personal information with any third parties, and that includes ICAEW. caba is a separate organisation from ICAEW and is an independent charity with its own board of trustees. We do not have a duty to report anything to ICAEW.

Will being in debt affect my ICAEW membership?

You can find our guide on the implications of debt on institute membership here. Our debt advisers will help you weigh up the pros and cons of each option and empower you to make a plan that's right for you. Your ICAEW membership status has no impact on your support from caba, as we support both current and former ICAEW members.

Can I access debt advice outside of the UK?

Our debt advice service is only able to advise on debt in England and Wales. If you are outside of the UK and worried about debt, we'd still encourage you to get in touch. There may be other ways in which we can assist you.


“I thought my situation was so bad caba wouldn't be able to help. They allocated me a Support Officer, who offered to help me prioritise the debt and said he could negotiate with the creditors on my behalf. I was over the moon that someone was actually going to help me bear the weight of responsibility. ”


caba client


“Even as a debt advisor, I do not believe all types of debt are bad. Credit and borrowing have an extremely important role in any healthy, functioning society. ‘Good’ and ‘bad’ debt are completely personal to you and your financial journey. Remember, your debt should work for you, not burden you.”  

Paul Day

specialist debt advisor at caba

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