volunteering for caba

caba has a number of volunteers who can assist ICAEW members and their families who are isolated, facing challenges and would benefit from the support of a fellow Chartered Accountant.

We understand everyone has different needs, so our volunteers are closely matched to those who have told us they would welcome such support.

These are some of the ways in which our volunteers can help:

  • offering a friendly, positive, and encouraging ear to people who may be lonely or isolated
  • offering emotional support in times of change
  • offering practical support, for example help with shopping, hospital visits or dealing with domestic paperwork
  • providing encouragement in finding work
  • talking to people about your common experience as a Chartered Accountant and about developments in the profession
  • encouraging people to use the full range of caba services

Due to Covid-19 restrictions our volunteers can currently only provide support over the telephone or remotely by video call. These calls will be at a mutually agreed time and frequency.