22 May 2024 12.30pm – 1.30pm + Add to calendar espresso series

what's this course about?

This espresso course reveals how you can enjoy a nutritious diet - without breaking the bank or sacrificing flavour. In this interactive session, we will explore the challenges of crafting affordable yet nourishing meals. We’ll be discovering which surprisingly inexpensive foods are healthy. The trainer will be sharing her invaluable rules to affordable healthy eating, and of course some delicious meal ideas.  

what will you get out of it?

•    Gain understanding of pivotal nutrients and find affordable, nutritious foods 
•    Explore methods to integrate inexpensive, healthy foods into daily meals
•    Learn strategies to lower meat/fish costs without compromising health
•    Develop affordable and nutritious snacks for daily consumption
•    Master budget-friendly shopping and cooking techniques for healthier meals

meet your trainer