create a compelling life and career

Designed specifically for young people aged 18-25, this course helps you focus on your goals and priorities. You’ll learn how to strike a balance between your career and life outside of work, train your mindset for success and explore long-term career management strategies.

what's this course about?

This course has been created specifically with young people aged 18 - 25 in mind. It aims to help you think about who you are, what you want to achieve in life, and assist you in developing the skills and attitude you will need to reach your goals.

This course consists of 6 15 - 30 minute videos. If you don't have time to view them in one sitting you can always come back to the same place when you next log in.

module 1:

  • developing self-awareness and why this is important
  • what matters to you? Identifying your values and motivations.
  • what are you good at? Discovering your key strengths and core skills
  • what inspires and energises you? Exploring your passions and main areas of interest

module 2:

  • exploring purpose
  • generating ideas and inspiration
  • identifying the key elements and ingredients to include in your compelling life and career
  • moving forward and making things happen

module 3:

  • how to create a great work-life balance
  • defining and achieving your goals
  • stretching your comfort zone
  • achieving ‘authentic' success

module 4:

  • mindset: what it is, why it's important and how to create a growth mindset
  • productivity: how to manage your time, energy and focus
  • overcoming procrastination
  • becoming resilient: how to manage change, transitions and stress effectively

module 5:

  • learn about the career management process
  • job seeking and creative job search
  • success with networking
  • crafting great applications
  • how to shine and make a good impact at interview

module 6:

  • more on ‘authentic' networking – how to make the process effortless, easy and enjoyable
  • become a great communicator
  • how to develop confidence
  • creating and managing your personal brand

what will you get out of it?

You'll take an in-depth look at your motivations and goals and how you can best utilise these to develop a fulfilling life and career.

after completing this course you will be able to

  • identify what is really important to you and how this could feed into a future career
  • outline your goals and what you will need to achieve them
  • understand how to look for jobs and then make an impact in the application and interview process
  • increase your confidence and identify your personal brand

is this course for you?

This online course is ideal for young people thinking about their career and what they want to achieve in life.