A ‘social prescription’ is a new approach to health and wellbeing that’s now available from local GPs. Doctors can now ‘prescribe’ research-based, non-medical treatments for conditions like anxiety, depression or stress rather than medication.

How does it work?

A link worker will help you choose the right activity for you. This might be something creative like an art class, something active like walking or a community activity like a local gardening project.

Featured creative activity: Sewing for wellbeing

Top tips for feel-good sewing

Keep it fun

Choose a project that excites you rather than something you have to do.

Accept mistakes

Remember mistakes are how you learn. Accept them as part of the journey, not a comment on your skill or ability.

Keep it close

Keep your project somewhere handy,maybe next to your favourite spot on the sofa so it’s easy to pick up and get started.

Take pride

Don’t wait until you’re finished. Appreciate each step along the creative journey, right from choosing your design and fabric through to the very last stitch.

Work in stages

Break your project down into smaller, bitesized tasks. Set your project aside with a stage in progress, even if you just thread your needle and take one stitch.

The 10-minute rule

If it feels hard to get started, promise yourself that you’ll just do 10 minutes and put it away again.

Find local sewing groups at the sewing directory, ask at your local sewing supply shop or community centre.

With kind thanks for inspiration from Kraken Kreations.