Change is an inevitable part of modern working life.  From globalisation to the rise of new technology, a number of different forces now impact on our career development. Career adaptability involves having the skills and abilities needed to successfully shape and adjust to this ever changing professional environment, so that you can have the career and future you want.

Research has identified 4 key competencies which make up career adaptability:



An interest in the future helps you to look ahead and prepare for what might come next



Taking responsibility for your career development enables you to influence and shape it



Imagining and exploring different potential scenarios opens up new possibilities



Having belief in your capacity to pursue and achieve your goals

Each of us has different strengths and our own unique blend of these 4 attributes. There’ll be some areas where we already feel very comfortable. By developing your career adaptability, you can learn to use each competency effectively, so that you can have the career and future you want.

Assess your career adaptability

People with higher levels of career adaptability are usually better able to handle change and tend to be more successful, wherever they are in their career. And at CABA, we believe that everyone can learn to become more adaptable.

Our online tool will show you how well you’ve already developed the 4 competencies of career adaptability. You’ll also receive tailored, practical advice to help you use each competency more effectively, including information about how CABA can support you.

Completing all the questions in the online career adaptability tool should take around 10 minutes.

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