We all have different strengths. Each of us will use the 4 career adaptability competencies in different ways, to achieve our own goals. 

Please rate how strongly you have developed each of the following abilities using the scale below.

1 Concern for the future 2 Control 3 Curiosity 4 Confidence 5 Your details 6 Your results








Concern for the future: an interest in the future helps you to look ahead and prepare for what might come next
This question relates to your tendency to visualise your future – for example, thinking about where you might be and what you might be doing in 3, 5 or 10 years’ time.
This question is asking about how you see the relationship(s) between decisions and/ or choices made in the present and how these impact on the way your future unfolds.
This question probes how often you are motivated to take actions with your future in mind.
This question relates to your awareness of the learning (both formal and informal) that is needed for you to progress to the next stage of your development – irrespective of your current life-stage.
This questions the extent to which you feel comfortable about setting your own goals and then work out how to achieve them/those goals.
This probes the extent to which you are actively engaging in moving your development forward.