25 May 2022

espresso mindfulness for busy people

What is mindfulness and why should you care about it? This webinar lifts the lid on mindfulness, including what it is and how it can benefit you …
espresso series
8 June 2022

espresso food and mood: what's the evidence

Can food really influence your mood? There’s scientific evidence to suggest that it can. Watch this webinar for an exciting glimpse into taking …
espresso series
21 June 2022

espresso the myth of multitasking

Look at how to choose where your attention goes so that goals can become less exhausting, more achievable and fulfilling.
espresso series
22 June 2022

espresso men's health and nutrition

Discover how men’s health and hormones change and the positive steps that can be taken to manage it all. Learn about the science behind prostate …
espresso series
27 July 2022

espresso authentic happiness

Look through some of the science and research findings and introduce some of the key tools and techniques proven to improve wellbeing and happiness.
espresso series
18 October 2022

espresso women's health: managing menopause

This course will give you a greater understanding of the menopause. Whether you’re affected yourself or want to support a colleague, line …
espresso series
8 November 2022

espresso do more in a day than you do in a week

Join us for an opportunity to step back and review what you do - your goals and priorities, how you do them, and your strategies and your …
espresso series