24 May 2022

master the art of resilience

This course builds on our Boost Your Resilience introductory course by providing a deeper insight into mastering resilience. You’ll learn …
enhanced course
7 June 2022

develop your personal brand

Your personal brand is about how others perceive you. With the right tools, you can use it to make an impact and progress in your career. Learn …
enhanced course
9 June 2022

women's health: managing menopause

This course helps you understand how female hormones and health change over time and the positive steps you can take to stay healthy. Learn how …
enhanced course
14 June 2022

power up your LinkedIn profile

Log on to this practical, three-hour session and put what you learn into practice as you update your profile. Discover how to optimise your …
enhanced course
16 June 2022

anxiety relief toolkit

Discover how anxiety affects your body and mind. Learn and practice a range of techniques and approaches designed to help ease anxiety. …
enhanced course
28 June 2022

mindfulness for beginners

This course is an introduction to the foundations of mindfulness. Learn how mindfulness techniques can help you manage stress, anxiety and …
enhanced course
30 June 2022

understanding mental health: skills for life

Discover the factors that can influence your mental health and how to identify problems in yourself and others. Explore practical ways to take …
enhanced course
7 July 2022

the myth of multitasking

Are you good at multitasking? According to research, trying to do two or more activities at the same time reduces your effectiveness. This …
enhanced course
12 July 2022

emotional intelligence for success

Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage your emotions and effectively understand and interpret other people’s behaviour. This course is …
enhanced course