28 June 2022

mindfulness for beginners

This course is an introduction to the foundations of mindfulness. Learn how mindfulness techniques can help you manage stress, anxiety and …
enhanced course
30 June 2022

understanding mental health: skills for life

Discover the factors that can influence your mental health and how to identify problems in yourself and others. Explore practical ways to take …
enhanced course
6 July 2022

espresso do more in a day than you do in a week

Join us for an opportunity to step back and review what you do - your goals and priorities, how you do them, and your strategies and your …
espresso series
7 July 2022

the myth of multitasking

Are you good at multitasking? According to research, trying to do two or more activities at the same time reduces your effectiveness. This …
enhanced course
12 July 2022

emotional intelligence for success

Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage your emotions and effectively understand and interpret other people’s behaviour. This course is …
enhanced course
20 July 2022

espresso explore your mindset, achieve your potential

This engaging training is designed to introduce the theories of mindset and grit.
espresso series
27 July 2022

espresso authentic happiness

Look through some of the science and research findings and introduce some of the key tools and techniques proven to improve wellbeing and happiness.
espresso series
9 August 2022

espresso anxiety relief toolkit

Discover how anxiety affects your body and your mind.
espresso series
16 August 2022

espresso mindfulness for beginners

Understand the concept of mindfulness and the ‘opportunity to give it a try’ practicing exercises like mindfulness of breath and three step …
espresso series