authentic happiness: the theory and practice of wellbeing

What makes us happy? This is a question which has been contemplated since the Ancient Greeks. We all want to be happy but what does that actually mean and what can we do in our everyday lives to be happier?

what's this course about?

For the past 2 decades there has been a science of happiness which shows what does and doesn't make a difference to our wellbeing, or in other words, the ingredients of authentic happiness. We tend to think of happiness first and foremost as the peak moments which come from pleasure and enjoyment. The barrier to this kind of happiness is that it is short-lived so for it to continue to make you feel good, adding variety or upping the dose is required. However through this course you will acquire an understanding of the other form of happiness which is more sustainable, a deeper kind of happiness which comes from having meaning and purpose in life and is experienced as a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

  • positive emotions (developing a playlist to have more enjoyment in life)
  • engagement (getting into flow and playing to your strengths)
  • relationships (nurturing your interpersonal wellbeing)
  • meaning (finding meaning and purpose in life)
  • achievement (setting goals to build your future house of happiness)

after completing this course you will be able to

  • identify the different forms of happiness
  • know how to increase your experience of hedonic wellbeing
  • have a greater understanding of what gives your life meaning and purpose
  • design your own action plan to grow your happiness and wellbeing

is this course for you?

The course is for anyone who has an interest in the subject or would like to experience greater happiness and wellbeing.