What's this course about?

This online course explores strategies you can use to successfully manage your time and the ways this can improve everyday life both at work and at home. Delegates will benefit from improved focus, reduced stress and an increased sense of control and balance.

You’ll have the opportunity to sample tools and techniques which with regular practice can form part of your daily routine. You’ll be able to manage your time and achieve success, improve your productivity and meet your objectives without negatively impacting your wellbeing.

What will you get out of it?

You’ll be able to answer the age old question of “where does all my time go?” This course highlights how precious time is and shows you proven techniques to effectively protect and manage it.

After completing this course you will be able to

  • Understand and apply the principles of time management
  • Identify the difference between urgent and important tasks
  • Be more productive but less busy
  • Communicate with confidence and clarity
  • Delegate effectively
  • Utilise modern technology to work for you and not against you
  • Design your own action plan to effectively manage your time

Is this course for you?

Our online time management course is suitable for past and present ICAEW members and their families working at any level within the public, voluntary, corporate and private sector. It's ideal for anyone who wants to learn healthier ways of dealing with setbacks and stress in both professional and personal life.

If you're someone who

  • Finds they have busy but non-productive days
  • Is not getting the best value from their hours at work
  • Has to work to tight deadlines
  • Has to work with people who sometimes take your time without adding value to your day
  • Finds themselves being too easily distracted by non-important things
  • Spreads themselves too thinly across too many tasks simultaneously, and therefore make little progress on them, instead of remaining more focused on a restricted number of high value tasks and making good progress on the most important things
  • Finds it difficult to say ‘No'

If any or all of these statements apply to you then you'd definitely benefit from watching this time management course