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Building your resilience is one of the free CABA courses developed by Dr Hilary Lindsay, which identified career adaptability as a critical element of lifelong learning and professional development.

The research identified 5 attributes within career adaptability - engaging, exploring, experimenting, positive attitude and self-belief.  Building your resilience along with our 11 other professional and personal development courses will show you how to develop these attributes, helping you to shape your career and have the future you want.

What's this course about?

Our building your resilience course explores the tools you need to develop a resilient mindset and attitude. 

Most of us know what setbacks feel like. The way you react to challenges and setbacks is a reflection of how resilient you are.  Resilient people don't dwell on the fact that things don't always go their way.  And when something doesn't go quite as planned, they simply learn from their experiences and move forward.

Resilience also means adopting healthy strategies for managing stress, and being fully aware of the difference between pressure - which can be positive and motivating - and stress, a natural reaction to too much pressure.

In fact, you could say resilience is the cornerstone of adaptability - an attribute we all need during times of rapid change if we want to achieve our goals.

What will you get out of it?

By completing this online course you'll learn how to develop your resilience both in and out of the workplace. You'll find out how to boost your self-belief and adopt a more positive attitude, which will help increase your career adaptability skills.  This course will also equip you with the tools you need to manage stress effectively.

After completing this course you will be able to

  • Tell the difference between stress and pressure
  • Identify common events that cause stress
  • Understand the foundations of resilience
  • Find out how resilient you are
  • Build and increase your personal level of resilience, using strategies such as mindfulness
  • Design your own action plan to boost your resilience

Is this course for you?

This online course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn healthier ways of dealing with setbacks and stress in both their professional and personal life.

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