manage your money

With redundancies rising and personal debt at a record high, it’s vital to improve your personal finance skills. Go back to basics with this on-demand course - a wrap up of all related topics such as debt, pensions, credit scores, budgeting and everything in-between. Helping to put you on a realistic and effective path towards financial stability.

what's this course about?

This course is split into 11 categories for you to explore, at your own pace, what is relevant to you. These include tackling debt, improving your credit score, managing your money in retirement and understanding UK benefits.

what will you get out of it?

This course will give you an overview of various topics relating to personal finance. It will equip you to begin working towards financial stability and signpost you to further help, if you need it.

after completing this course you will be able to

  • put a budget together, no matter your stage in life
  • put into practise some tips on how to save money
  • run a credit check for yourself and improve your score
  • understand what benefits are on offer in the UK and find out if you are entitled to any
  • put a plan together to get on top of your debt