personal and professional coaching

Juliet Adams


Juliet Adams is an experienced Learning Facilitator and Cognitive behavioural coach. She specialises in helping individuals understand and manage their mind, leading to clarity of thought, enhanced wellbeing, resilience, and performance.

Juliet’s areas of specialism include mindfulness, mindful resilience, intentional life and career transitions, working wisely with tech, working with purpose, values and intention, Emotion regulation, managing your mind, attention and focus, and business start-up.

Juliet is the author of five bestselling books on workplace mindfulness, leadership and Intention. Her most recent book ‘Thrive, the art of mindful resilience’ blends mindfulness and resilience training.

Juliet holds a Master’s degree in Training and Performance Management, and is a chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD). Juliet acted as an expert adviser to the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group and has been interviewed by the BBC, Times and Guardian.

Chris Burton


Chris has spent the last 10 years designing and delivering bespoke learning, development and behavioural solutions for a numbers of major clients. These programmes have driven cultural and behavioural change in the organisations for which they were commissioned, improving performance and awareness of effective employee engagement.

Prior to setting up his own company, Chris was leading teams that designed and delivered behavioural development programmes to hundreds of managers of varying seniority, up to director level.

Chris has a certificate in post-compulsory education, a BA (Hons) in History and English and MA in Theatre Production. Chris previously worked with a professional theatre group and taught drama in the prison service and this is where his career and love of behavioural development support began.

Meg Burton


Meg has over 15 years extensive experience of delivering and facilitating development training in corporate organisations working with leaders and managers at all levels in a wide range of businesses.

Meg is a qualified learning and development professional, qualified MBTI practitioner and Executive Coach. Meg has a warm enthusiastic approach, a passion for learning and a desire to make a difference to individuals.

Isabelle Campbell


Isabelle is a consultant, trainer and coach. Having obtained her ACA with a Big 4 firm, Isabelle has worked in demanding finance roles for more than 10 years and understands the impact of both work and personal challenges on health, happiness and balance.

Isabelle is passionate about helping others achieve work/life balance, build resilience and increase inner peace. With her fervent interest in positive psychology, mindfulness and the power of mindset, Isabelle puts wellbeing strategies into use as a proud mother of 2 boys. Isabelle works alongside clients and delegates to impart what she has learned with energy and enthusiasm.

Oliver Deacon


Tech and innovation have been at the centre of Oliver’s career since obtaining his ACA with a big four firm in 2006, and now as an ICF accredited coach.

As a Finance Director at Microsoft in Seattle, Oliver experienced cutting edge finance tools before they were unleashed into the wider world. This knowledge of future finance benefits the career planning and personal development of his coaching clients today.

Oliver has led teams and coached finance clients in FTSE 100, big four and fast-growing tech start-ups. Whatever stage a client is at in their career, Oliver brings energy, a fresh perspective and approachability. His passion is providing clients with the tools they need to thrive.

Nicki Deeson


Nicki is a personal and professional coach. Since she qualified as an ACA in 1992, Nicki has worked in the public, private and charity sectors, holding finance and governance roles at both large and small organisations. As Finance Director at Amnesty International, she implemented a coaching strategy within her teams, which led to her current focus on coaching.

Nicki is passionate about helping others solve their problems, play to their strengths and feel happy and fulfilled. Through reflection and focus, Nicki coaches people to have better careers, maximise their impact and get the most value from life.

Olivia Landsberg


Olivia is a coach and facilitator accredited by the International Coach Federation.

She has worked with a wide range of clients, both private and corporate, and specialises in career management, engagement and leadership. She has worked with caba for 2 years as a speaker and facilitator.

Her focus is on getting tangible results, and learning that can be applied directly into daily life which she says she does by combining "vigour, empathy and humour".

David Levenson


David Levenson is an accredited executive and career strategy coach working with clients who are going through career and life transitions. He specialises in working with senior professionals and executives who are reaching the conclusion of their primary careers and wondering what to do next and how to plan for their futures.

David has been a chartered accountant since 1984, qualifying with Touche Ross (now Deloitte).

David is one of the co-creators of Raising Roofs a governance skills and leadership development programme which prepares future leaders for the boardroom. He is an advocate for diversity and inclusion starting within the boardroom, a frequent public speaker and contributor of articles and blogs on leadership, diversity and technology.

Rosemary Lowe


Rosemary is an experienced trainer and multi-certified career, executive and leadership coach, master transformational coach and a qualified NLP and MBTI practitioner and wellbeing teacher. Her background includes a professional career in marketing, travel, IT, consultancy and academia.

Rosemary has over 15 years experience of helping thousands of clients to develop their potential, gain satisfaction and achieve success within their work and life and in supporting individuals and groups through career, personal and professional transitions.

She specialises in careers, mindset, wellbeing, emotional intelligence and leadership development.

Helen Martin


Helen has been coaching middle to senior executives and delivering corporate training for over 15 years. In 2018, she completed a MSc. Coaching & Behavioural Change from Henley Business School which focused on the speed at which individuals can change, given the speed at which organisations need to change.

She uses her knowledge and experience to support her clients on a journey of personal discovery; from what they want to achieve, to how to achieve it; while challenging their behaviour, attitude and limiting beliefs and developing attainable goals. Her approach is solution and action-driven and is underpinned by positive psychology.

Chris Paterson


Chris spent 20 years as a senior leader, developing and leading high performing teams in different countries and across different functions.

Chris is a Fellow of the ICAEW and is an accredited Executive Coach specialising in supporting finance professionals to develop their authentic leadership, grow their resilience and build more effective working relationships. He has also worked with a number of individuals returning to work after sickness absence.

Chris believes that purpose comes when we contribute to something larger than ourselves. He is the founder of a charity, GivingTime, which supports young people make the transition from education into the workplace, by delivering a professional coaching and volunteering programme.

Cath Heath


As a positive psychology practitioner and passionate advocate of strengths-based development, Cath works with individuals and teams to help them achieve positive change by building their confidence, resilience, productivity and engagement.

Drawing on the extensive research and evidence-base from the field of positive psychology, Cath delivers workshops and programmes for clients from the public and private sectors in addition to offering 1-2-1 coaching.

Cath also volunteers as a Course Leader for the Action for Happiness movement. Prior to becoming an independent consultant in 2006, Cath held senior roles in L&D/OD having moved into HR following a successful career in business management.