08 Apr 2022

caba publishes whitepaper: Shining a light on mental health; the issues facing the accountancy profession

Released to coincide with Stress Awareness Month, this explores stress and burnout within the accountancy profession and features original research, analysis and advice.

For the past two years, people in all walks of life have suffered with stress. Businesses have faced hardship, as a result of the ongoing impact of the pandemic. Our research has revealed 55% of accountants were suffering from stress and burnout (compared with 41% of employees in other industries). Four-in-five (79%) accountants believe that stress and poor mental health are a problem within the industry.

Highlighting important trends and findings this whitepaper focuses on the particular concerns facing the accountancy profession. One of the key findings of caba’s research is that, for two-thirds (63%) of accountants, the complex nature of their work and the lack of room for error is a key driver of stress.

Advice from caba’s mental health expert Kirsty Lilley is included as well as insight and tips for those in the profession who might be feeling the strain. caba is dedicated to helping everyone in the ICAEW community fully participate in life and shining a light on these important matters is part of that mission.

You can view our whitepaper in full here.

The research of 795 ICAEW members, 500 workers in Human Resources across sectors that included banking and finance, education health and construction and 1,505 employees working full or part time in the UK, aged 18 and over, was conducted by Perspectus Global on behalf of caba during December 2021.