A service designed to provide advice and practical support for unemployed accountants is being made available internationally by Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association.

Workfriend was launched in the UK in January by CABA to support chartered accountants who have recently become unemployed and need to refresh their job search skills.

It takes the form of an interactive online career management system containing a library of audio, video and written material as well as a range of other tools, all supplemented by three months of access to an individual telephone career coach.

Helena Coxshall, Head of Operations at CABA, explained: “CABA exists to help all members of ICAEW and there are many based in places where unemployment is as significant a problem, or even more significant, than in the UK.

“For these reasons, we have decided to make Workfriend available internationally. It has been initially well received by our clients in the UK and, because it is hosted online, we have been able to extend its reach further afield.”

During 2011, unemployment was the second most common reason for chartered accountants to contact CABA, and Workfriend was implemented by the charity with the intention of creating a structured approach to providing assistance.

Helena continued: “Almost every day, we receive more calls from unemployed accountants who are looking for help and support and, with the general economic news remaining grim, there is no sign of this situation changing.

Workfriend is designed to help these people improve their attractiveness to potential employers and, hopefully, we will see some positive results over the course of 2012.”

For advice and information call 01788 556 366 or speak to one of our advisors via LiveChat here