To show that the news isn't all doom and gloom, this week we've collected positive articles stories focused on the working week.

Thursday is the new Friday: is it time for a four – day working week?

A company in New Zealand trialled a four-day working week, without changing wages. At Perpetual Guardian, staff were contracted to work a five-day week but were ‘gifted’ a day off each week, on the condition they hit productivity targets.

Some 78 per cent of staff said they were able to successfully manage their work-life balance over the course of the experiment, an increase of 24 percentage points compared to beforehand. It is now set to be permanently rolled out there.

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Tackling Japan’s ‘cult of overwork’

In Japan, overwork is such an ingrained part of life that there is a word to describe dying from it: karoshi. In its first ever white paper on karoshi, published in 2016, the government said that one in five employees were at risk of death from overwork. Now, companies are being urged to give employees Monday mornings off once every month.

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South Korea cuts ‘inhumanely long’ working week

South Korea has passed a bill to reduce the average working week in a bid to improve quality of life. Members of the country’s national assembly voted overwhelmingly to pass the law, which cuts the maximum weekly work hours from 68 hours to 52.

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