Issues with money and unemployment topped the list of initial enquiries to Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association during 2011 as the difficult economic conditions continued to take their toll.

Over the year, CABA received more than 430 calls, e-mails and letters from accountants and their dependants asking for help - and financial issues and unemployment accounted for more than half of enquiries.

The top initial enquiries by subject were:

  • Financial issues 38%
  • Unemployment 13%
  • Ill health 9%
  • Carers and caring 8%
  • Mental health 6%
  • Debt 6%
  • Disability 1%
  • Other 18% 

Kath Haines, Chief Executive at CABA, said: “The effects of the sluggish economy are dominating the initial enquiries that we are seeing at CABA, whether from work age chartered accountants finding it difficult to get back into employment after losing their jobs, from older people grappling with inadequate pension provision or from those faced with the possibility of reduced benefits following Government moves.

“We have increased our resources to provide help in these areas and are continuing to add more but these are very difficult problems to solve. The support we offer helps these professionals to regain control of their lives as quickly as possible and our assistance ranges from advice and information to training.

“An important point to understand is that, for many people, the reason for the initial enquiry may not be the underlying problem with which they really need help. For example, someone calling about ill health may actually have a stress issue that has been brought on by money worries resulting from long term unemployment.

“CABA is able to provide a high level of support for people who ask for help, whether that means providing a listening ear at one extreme to financial help at another.”

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