CABA has successfully returned to Cyprus in partnership with ICAEW and ICPAC, delivering personal and professional development workshops, covering happiness and mindfulness.

Following 4 very successful years of running workshops based predominantly on professional development, CABA this year switched its attention to focus more on personal wellbeing, to help Cyprus-based ICAEW and ICPAC members and their families improve their emotional health. 

The  free workshops, held on 26, 27 and 28 June, focused on the theme of positivity. The first entitled 'Introduction to mindfulness', introduced ICAEW and ICPAC members to the concept of mindfulness, the theory and research behind it, and allowed participants the opportunity to practice some common mindfulness techniques. Attendees learned how mindfulness can help them in their daily lives and the benefits it can bring to their personal wellbeing.

The second workshop focused on authentic happiness, which encompassed the theory and practice of wellbeing, examining what makes us happy and what we can do in our everyday lives to be happier. Using the science of positive psychology, happiness was explored and participants given strategies to enhance their happiness.

For those who were unable to attend the workshops, CABA now offers the majority of its courses online.  Each webinar gives the same information as the full courses and allows members to access them at their leisure, and as many times as they like. 

Laura Little, Learning and Development Manager at CABA said of the events: 

'Supporting the wellbeing of our members in Cyprus is paramount, and we are thrilled to have returned again this year to deliver the 2 new courses. We've expanded our offering following feedback from members, and as a result, we can now offer online personal and professional development courses, which were not available previously to members in this region. ICAEW members and their families can now access 10 online courses which can help them both personally and professionally, and is a strong complement to the full-day courses.'

Christiana Diola, ICAEW Members and Stakeholders Manager in Cyprus, said: 

'CABA deliver innovative events here in Cyprus to support and develop resilience and a positive mind-set for the ICAEW and ICPAC membership.  CABA's range of expertise available is fantastic, so we're delighted that they returned again this year to offer members the chance to learn new tools to help their wellbeing.'

CABA continues to extend its international reach in support of past and present ICAEW members. The team enjoyed sharing practical advice on mindfulness and authentic happiness and any feedback from ICAEW or ICPAC members is widely appreciated.  

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