A final call has gone out to find trainee Chartered Accountants who have overcome adversity to work towards their professional qualification.

The 2012 Global Inspiration Awards – with a deadline of 25 April - aim to recognise ACA students who have had to handle hardships and obstacles while training. These may include serious illness, injury, disability, bereavement, learning difficulties, language barriers, extreme financial hardship or caring for a partner or relative.

This is the fourth year that the Awards, judged jointly by Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association and ICAEW Foundation, have been held. Winners will be announced on 25 June at the ICAEW Charity Awards at Chartered Accountants Hall, London where they will be presented with a trophy, certificate and prize money of £5,000.

The 2011 winners included Peter Franklin, from a small practice in Plymouth, who was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer and overcame life-threatening setbacks; Brendan McGing, from KPMG in Manchester, who has a degenerative visual condition called Leber’s Optic Atrophy; Laura Nyogeri, from PwC in Bristol, who is making a success of her career in the profession despite a history of illness; Rachael Wraith, who overcame personal adversity battling with Crohn’s disease; and Ai Kim Wong, from Malaysia, who fought chronic joint pain and is now making a full recovery after an operation to remove a tumour in the pituitary gland.

Kath Haines, Chief Executive at CABA, explained: “We want to hear about ACA students who have had to overcome difficulties in order to enter the profession and provide them with due recognition. So, if you know anyone, please get in touch.

“Past winners of the Awards have had incredibly inspiring stories to tell about their lives and their determination to improve their circumstances – but we do very much rely on other members of the profession to bring them to our attention.”

Application forms for the Global Inspiration Awards can be downloaded from the ICAEW web site at icaew.com/inspirationawards. Candidates can be nominated by ICAEW members or staff worldwide, ICAEW regions or district societies, ICAEW council or student councils, and practising and tutorial firms.

Other ACA students can also make nominations as long as the application is countersigned by an ICAEW council member or a student council member, a partner from the relevant practising firm or a principal from the relevant tutorial firm.

Do you know an inspiring ACA student - Why not nominate them for a Global Inspiration Award?