The first three appointments to a new roving team of "Ambassadors" have been named by Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association.

They are Patrick St Leger, who is a support volunteer at CABA; Andrew Campbell-Hart, an existing CABA debt volunteer; and Carol McLachlan, who also works as a CABA trainer.

The ambassadors, who all come from an accountancy background, are part of moves to make CABA as accessible as possible to chartered accountants. They will attend regional events across the country and represent the benevolent association.

Karen Handcock, Volunteers Co-ordinator at CABA, said: "It is impossible for CABA to have representatives on the ground at every conference and meeting that we would like to attend, especially in the far flung corners of the country."

"However, the Ambassadors initiative means that we are able to show a human presence at more places where chartered accountants and their dependants are likely to be present and offer help and advice on a group or one-to-one basis."

Karen added that while CABA was investing in technology-driven methods of making its services more accessible, such as its new web site and Livechat facility, there was also a strong case for the human approach.

She explained: "There are a very wide range of people of all ages and backgrounds that CABA can potentially help. Some of them may want to approach us by calling, some by sending a tweet from their smartphone while others may want to talk directly face to face to an Ambassador who they meet at an event. It is a question of covering as many communication channels as possible and making CABA accessible to all."

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