17 March 2020

  • CABA urges members worrying about emotional or financial wellbeing to get in touch

  • In line with the latest guidance from UK Government, face-to-face training and events have been postponed. Further face-to-face services will be conducted online or via telephone

CABA, the charity supporting the wellbeing of chartered accountants and their families, has today announced that it is taking a 'business as usual' approach in relation to Covid-19, and will continue to deliver its vital support services to members across the UK and abroad.

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of its staff and members, CABA has introduced several preventative measures to mitigate the risk of infection. This includes postponing face-to-face training and conducting services online or over the phone.

All members experiencing anxiety related to the Covid-19 virus are urged to get in touch with CABA, where they will receive personally tailored support.

Small business owners looking for financial or wellbeing advice are also encouraged to get in contact for support.

Kelly Feehan, Services Director at CABA, commented:

"Amid all of the change and uncertainty caused by Covid-19, here at CABA we want to reassure our members that we are open, and we are here to provide as much support and advice as possible.

"The spread of the virus has undoubtedly stirred up a lot of emotion, and even financial stress. Therefore, it’s completely natural to feel anxious and concerned for yourselves and your families, and your business - so our dedicated team is on hand 24/7.

"We strongly urge anyone experiencing anxiety to get in contact with us. Even if you’re having to self-isolate - you’re not alone, we’re just at the end of the phone".

To help those with pre-existing mental health conditions who may be experiencing feelings of anxiety, psychologist and spokesperson for CABA, Richard Jenkins, shares his top 4 pieces of advice.

"Individuals dealing with stress and anxiety will spend a lot of time in the past or trying to predict the future which can include catastrophising. My best advice is to try to remain in the present – focus on the issues we are facing today and what control you do have.

  1. Consider if there could be another way of looking at the situation. Are you catastrophising?
  2. Do you have enough of the right information? Consider if the information you are getting is accurate, and if not, switch it off. Being well informed is helpful but only through trusted sources
  3. Consider how you are benefiting from thinking, feeling or acting this way. Question the negative thoughts and look for evidence as to why you are feeling the way you do
  4. Continue to use techniques to relax, mindfulness, exercise - whatever works for you to increase your feeling of control"

CABA has a range of support and resources, which can help you in this challenging time. Find out more about them below.


If you need to speak to someone at CABA, the best way to do this is by emailing us at enquiries@caba.org.uk in the first instance. You can also get in touch with us via our 24 hour helpline on 01788 556 366.