share your advice

share your advice and experiences by submitting a letter to our collection

Sharing your advice might be all that it takes for someone else to get in touch. And if they do, we’re here to guide, support or help them manage whatever they’re facing.

We’d love you to write a short letter (between 200-400 words) to someone who might need to read it (it could simply be a person who could benefit from another who’s ‘been there and done it’). Perhaps talking about common challenges in the industry and giving some advice on how to handle them. Or maybe reflections of your personal experiences, including things like; lessons you’ve learned along the way, a good, practical piece of advice you could give to someone that you wished had been given to you at a critical point in your career that would have helped you thrive, or how you’ve managed to deal with the stress of work or everyday life that can impact upon your mental health.

If you’ve accessed caba services, we’d love to know what challenges led you to seek support from caba and are they common in the industry - do you now feel you could pass on some lessons learned to another? Did caba provide some resource, either financially or from a career development position, or with some mental health support? Perhaps you may have found yourself at a critical point in your career or personal life that required a light touch from caba, and did that help the situation?

These are the real-life events that we would love to read about, share with our community, and continue conversations.

All submissions will be anonymised when published.