21 June 2022 12pm – 1pm + Add to calendar espresso series zoom

espresso short webinar series

Last for 1 hour and are designed for you to watch over a cuppa.

what's this session about?

While it might seem that your're multitasking, in reality your brain is going thorugh a stop/strat process as your attention switches quickly between each activity, splitting your attention, reducing energy levels, affecting concentration andmaking it more difficult for you to achieve goals. This session looks at how to choose where your attention goes so that goals can become less exhausting, more achievable and fulfilling. 

what will you get out of it?

  • Use techniques, tips and methods to create a productive state of flow
  • Notice your tendency to multitask and understand why you're so easily distracted
  • Respond better when faced with competeing demands
  • How to stay focused for longer 

meet your trainer

Miro Cansky