John's story

I spent over 25 years working as a Financial Director at a global organisation. But over time I became dissatisfied with the direction senior management were taking the company, and I stopped enjoying my job. There was a real problem with the company culture, which everybody was feeling - it wasn't a healthy atmosphere. I looked around me and thought, 'my children have left home, I can afford to take a risk'. I felt it was time for something different.

I'd done a number of caba courses in the past and really valued them, so I booked their course 'Where next? Planning the next step in your career'. The course was in Birmingham, and I even found the train journey beneficial - I felt like I was leaving a stressful environment, both emotionally and literally. It was a pivotal day for me.

The course challenged me to think deeply about my strengths and the things I enjoy, both in terms of my hard skills and also my personal skills. It made me think about how I want to contribute to the world in a broader sense. I realised that I like working with others, and that I'd be happier working in a team that focuses on people and their welfare.

Just days later, I told my wife that I was ready for a change in direction. I met up with the course leader for some one-to-one coaching sessions as part of the free support caba provide. This really helped me in interviews, because I was able to be really clear about what motivates me and what I can bring to a team in a confident way.

Within 6 weeks, I was in a new role as Finance Director in the charity sector. It's so great to be with an organisation that focuses on the wellbeing of others. And as part of my role, I am studying for an MSc in Charity Finance. For me, the caba course and coaching have been instrumental in realigning my career with my values and getting me where I want to be at this stage in my life. It was a big confidence boost, and just a brilliant way to refocus. I would say to anyone considering working with caba in this way, go with an open mind and prepare to be challenged. It's important to disrupt the ideas you have about yourself and really dig deep to imagine the life you want to be living.

how caba can help

caba supports the wellbeing of past and present ICAEW members, ACA students, ICAEW staff members, and their spouses, partners and children up to the age of 25. For advice, information and support please:

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Who is eligible for support?

We support past and present members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW), ACA students, ICAEW staff members, and the family and carers of members and students. 

  1. No matter where your career takes you, past and present members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England Wales (ICAEW) are eligible for caba’s services for life, even if you change your career and leave accountancy 
  2. ACA students (ICAEW Provisional Members) who are either an active student or have been an active student within the last three years are eligible for caba's services 
  3. Past and present staff members of the ICAEW or caba are eligible for caba's services for life, even if you leave either organisation. Please note, for former employees, our financial support is only available to those who have had five years continuous employment with either organisation 
  4. Family members and carers of either an eligible past or present ICAEW member, ACA student or past or present employee of the ICAEW or caba are eligible for caba's support. We define a family member as a: 
    1. spouse, civil partner or cohabiting partner 
    2. widow, widower or surviving civil partner who has not remarried or cohabiting with a partner 
    3. divorced spouse or civil partner who has not remarried or cohabiting with a partner 
    4. child aged up to 25. Please note, children aged between 16 and 25 are not eligible for individual financial support 
    5. any other person who is dependent on the eligible individual supporting them financially or are reliant on the eligible individual’s care 
    6. any other person on whom the eligible individual is reliant, either financially or for care 

You can find out more about our available support both in the UK and around the world on our support we offer  page. 

Are your services means-tested?

If you need financial support, we carry out a means test where we consider income, expenditure, capital and assets.  

*Please note none of our other services are means-tested. 

I’m an accountant, but not a member of ICAEW, can you still help?

Unfortunately not. We only support past and present ICAEW members, their carers and their families. If we are unable to support you, where possible we will point you to help elsewhere.

caba has supported me in the past; can I receive support from caba again?

We understand that circumstances change. If we’ve helped you in the past there’s no reason why we can’t help you again. You can contact us at any time. Please call us if you need our help.

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