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cost of living crisis is taking a toll on mental health

The cost of living crisis is causing a significant amount of emotional distress in the accounting community. Over a third (34%) of working accountants told us that they are concerned about their future, with a third, respectively, feeling more anxious (33%) and stressed (32%).

More than two-in-five (42%) working accountants and students are already struggling financially. Of those...


feel anxious


feel stressed


feel depressed

Of ICAEW’s members specifically, over a third (34%) are already struggling financially. Again, of those...


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A third (32%) of chartered accountants are also worried about their friends and family.

accountants say career progression is being hindered by the cost of living crisis

As well as the heavy emotional toll that the crisis is taking, many within our community are also worrying about the more practical impacts. One-in-five (20%) working accountants say their career progression is suffering as a result of the crisis. Of those...

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say their employer is focusing more on business finances than employee progression

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say they are having to fill in for others due to cost cuts


Over a quarter (27%) of working accountants say there are fewer opportunities available in the workplace because of the crisis, and one in five (19%) are either considering or have already moved to another organisation or industry.

Two in five (40%) working accountants are working from home more often to avoid higher commuting costs, which, in turn, they feel has a knock-on effect on their progression.

As well as career progression, however, there are real concerns about job security. One-in-five (22%) working accountants told us that they’re worried about losing their jobs as a direct result of the cost of living crisis. 16% have either started working or are considering taking up an additional job to keep themselves afloat.


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cost of living crisis


caba’s CEO, Dr Cristian Holmes, sets the scene for the report and explains why the cost of living crisis is an issue the accountancy profession needs to focus on. Tooba, a chartered accountant, also reminds us why it’s good to seek help when we need it.

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chapter 1

the research

Accountants are already making changes to reduce their expenses, but many are still worried about the winter ahead. Read more of the facts and figures in this chapter.

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chapter 2 

debt advice from Paul Day

caba’s expert debt adviser Paul outlines why we shouldn’t be embarrassed when facing financial issues and shares his recommendations on tackling problem debt.

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research paper 


caba have pulled together a panel of experts to share their advice on navigating through the cost of living crisis.


chapter 3

mental health advice from Kirsty Lilley

Mental health trainer Kirsty explains why changes in our financial circumstances impact our mental health and outlines how we can prepare to manage this period where so much is out of our control.


chapter 4 

health and wellbeing advice from Mark Pearce

In this chapter, Mark normalises the idea of debt and explains how tackling hard conversations can help ease the pressure.



chapter 5

first-hand advice from Tooba Siddiqui

Amid stress, burnout and now added financial pressures, Tooba shares her view of the pressures facing working accountants.


chapter 6

the role of the business

Now more than ever, employers should be considering financial health as part of their benefits packages - read this chapter to find out how.



by Dr Cristian Holmes

We’re facing a period of uncertainty, but caba is here for the everyday and the exceptional.