A certain amount of pressure is good for us. But if stress levels are high, our mind and body suffer. Check your levels

Simply answer the below questions while keeping note of your score.

Q1) In the last month, which of the following would best describe you?

a. I'm often late, I sometimes have to re-schedule deadlines, tasks seem to take longer than expected
b. At times I feel over-worked but generally return to a feeling of equilibrium
c. I manage my time effectively

Q2) How often do you take a proper (at least 30 minutes) lunch break away from your desk?

a. Never
b. Sometimes
c. Daily

Q3) Have you noticed any of the following over the last few weeks: memory lapses, problems with concentration, small mistakes or difficulty in making decisions?

a. Yes - to a great extent
b. Yes - to a small extent
c. No

Q4) Over the last few months, have you noticed any increase in the following symptoms: headaches, backache, neck or shoulder pain, stomach upsets, skin conditions?

a. Yes
b. Not sure
c. No

Q5) What do you do to relax?

a. How do you mean, relax?
b. A few drinks with friends, family or colleagues
c. Activity like reading, going to the gym or listening to music

Q6) How often do you say no at home and at work?

a. Almost never
b. Sometimes
c. Often

Q7) Does the following statement resonate with you? 'My life seems to control me'.

a. Yes
b. Not sure
c. No

Q8) Who do you confide in, ask for help or seek advice?

a. Virtually no one, I'm self sufficient
b. I have one or two close confidantes from whom I seek support
c. I have, and use, a wide support network depending on the issue

Q9) How is your work-life balance?

a. Out of balance
b. More work than life, but this is how I like it
c. Fine, thanks

Q10) How do you sleep?

a. I'm often tired. My mind is always busy. I often can't switch off and this can affect my sleep
b. I sometimes experience insomnia or struggle to get at least six hours on a regular basis
c. Generally well, six to eight hours a night

What does my score tell me?