Past or present ICAEW members

Life can be complicated. We don’t always know what’s around the corner. From time-to-time we could all use a little help. So that’s what we’re here to do - throughout your career and into retirement.

We’re not just here for past and present ICAEW members, close family members can access our free and impartial services in complete confidence too.

We know it can be hard to ask for help. It isn’t with CABA.

Emotional Support

Our trained counsellors can help you through the emotional trauma of redundancy, relationship issues, unemployment, bereavement, anxiety, depression and more.

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Health and carer support

We can help organise and pay for respite care, home adaptations and specialist equipment. And we’re here with a listening ear too – when things get tough.

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Financial assistance

We can support you in all sorts of ways – from donations for home adaptations and repairs to providing a business start fund of up to £2,000.

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Debt advice

We’ve all got debt, but it’s not always an issue. But if problem debt concerns you, get in touch. We can explore your options and come up with a plan to take the pressure off.

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Career development

Never stop learning. Our career and retirement courses give you the skills and resilience to achieve your career goals and respond to the unexpected.

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Legal advice

Whatever your legal question we’re here with confidential advice and support. Search our online resources or arrange a call with an expert advisor.

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