To show that the news isn't all doom and gloom, this week we've collected positive environmental stories from around the world.

Sweden looks set to reach their 2030 renewables goal, 12 years ahead of schedule

Swedish utility companies and power generators have already installed so many wind turbines that the Nordic nation is on course to reach its 2030 renewable energy target by December 2018.

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Wind turbines

Going green has never been more affordable or so widely available

Renewable energy tariffs now among the cheapest on the market, according to, the price comparison and switching site.

The ten cheapest eco-tariffs could save homes an average of £273 if switching from a big six standard tariff. This savings figure has risen from £233 this time last year. The number of environmentally friendly tariffs has also ballooned, with 57 now available to choose from – an increase of 21 since summer 2017.

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Pakistan plans to plan 10 billion trees to fight climate change

Pakistan's new government is aiming to plant 10 billion trees within five years to fight the effects of global warming by restoring the country's depleted forests.

As well as releasing more oxygen into the atmosphere, trees can protect Pakistan's fast-eroding landscape by reducing the risk of floods from melting glaciers in its mountainous north.

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Landscape of Swat Pakistan

London bus cleans the air by sucking up pollution as it travels

The Go-Ahead Group, which is one of the largest bus and rail operators in England, has just launched a bus that sucks up pollution as it travels.

The Bluestar prototype is the first bus in the UK that can clean city air. It is fitted with an air filter that collects ultra-fine pollution particles and spews out purified air at the front of the vehicle. The filter works with 99.5% efficiency.

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