If you're a past or present ICAEW member, ACA student or their families and are struggling financially, here are the ways we can financially assist you.

If you’re struggling financially – whether you’re in work, training, unemployed or retired – we can help. A donation or grant from CABA could take the pressure off and help you regain control. 

Medical costs

Grants and donations are available to help cover the cost of your medical care or that of a loved one. This could include treatment for ongoing conditions, home adaptations, specialist equipment such as mobility aids, medical insurance, exploratory treatment, surgery and more. If you're a carer for a loved one, or receive care yourself, we can also help cover the cost of domiciliary and respite care.

Residential care top-up fees

We're now able to offer help with the 'top-up' costs of residential care, in some circumstances. To find out if you or someone you care for in the UK is eligible for this support, get in touch. Our carer support officers are available to advise and help you and your loved ones find the care that’s right for you. 

Household costs

We offer grants and donations to help cover the cost of essential maintenance and home repairs and the purchase of white goods.

Emergency response

If you’ve been affected by extreme weather conditions or a natural disaster, we can help cover the costs of temporary accommodation if needed.

ICAEW subscriptions

If you’re paying a reduced amount for your ICAEW subscriptions, we may be able to help cover your membership costs. 

Remember, all our services are free, impartial and strictly confidential.

And we're not just here for past and present ICAEW members. Husbands, wives, life partners, dependent children and young adults up to 25 can also access our support.

Call us on +44 (0) 1788 556 366, email international@caba.org.uk or chat to an advisor online, 24 hours a day at caba.org.uk/letstalk.