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Sleep is often the first thing that gets disrupted when life gets busy or we experience worries and concerns. Sleep problems are also becoming increasingly common as we continue to feel the effects of COVID-19. However, when we prioritise sleep, we become better equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

We’ve partnered with Sleepstation to help the chartered accountant community identify and solve the underlying causes of their sleep problems. Sleepstation can help you understand how to improve your sleep and significantly boost your mood, concentration and performance.

They offer a drug-free and clinically validated sleep improvement programme as well as access to a sleep portal, where you’ll find expert advice and guidance related to sleep.

Online sleep therapy programme

If you are struggling with sleep and are eligible for our support, you can enrol on the £295 online sleep therapy programme free of charge. The programme can fix your sleep in just 4 sessions and is designed by experts and backed by science. Their team will help you identify the underlying causes of your sleep problem and provide personal support and guidance.

If you feel like you could benefit from better sleep, register below today.


Sleep information portal

Discover a range of free information and self-help resources to support your sleep. Log in to the portal using the password CABA2021 to:

  • Download practical advice from sleep experts
  • Check if you’re getting enough sleep
  • Access tips to help you sleep better
  • Improve your understanding of sleep


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