Being an ICAEW member opens up a world of opportunities. Big firms with a network of offices around the globe mean it's straightforward to transfer to a role abroad and broaden your experience. Also having a qualification that's internationally recognised and respected means that your skills are in demand not just by accounting firms but across all industry sectors around the world.

Working in another country is full of exciting opportunities and also presents some stressful challenges. CABA is here to support you and your loved ones, as well as help you to settle into your new location and put down roots.


If you or your spouse or life partner are searching for a role our free individual career coaching programmes are tailored to your precise needs and are available online, over the phone and in some countries as face-to-face sessions. They'll help you to identify your key skills, create a powerful CV that fits the recruiting culture of the country you'll be moving to, learn how to use online tools and social media effectively in your job search and build up your interview confidence and skills.

You can also access a series of personal and professional courses online, and in some countries face-to-face, to develop the skills you need to deal with change, cope better with stress and create your own work life blend - easing your transition to living in a different country.

Maria qualified as a chartered accountant in Cyprus then worked in the UK until her husband was offered a position in Germany. After some time searching unsuccessfully for work in an unfamiliar country she called CABA. Her local career coach explained the small changes she needed in her approach to fit Germany's more formal professional culture and soon after she was offered a new role.

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Your 'other half'

80% of those moving to work abroad take a spouse or partner with them - often referred to as a 'trailing spouse'. 60% of those spouses and partners were employed before they made the move, but only 15% are working after they settle in their new location.

Partners and spouses have access to the same career support, coaching and training from CABA as ICAEW members to help them find work after they relocate. However, even with relevant experience and transferrable qualifications, visas often restrict the amount or type of work that an accompanying spouse or partner can do. Rules are different from country to country so it's important to check the terms carefully.

Without the right to be able work, partners can lose not just their own financial independence, but also a sense of their identity. CABA's emotional support can help partners to deal with stress, readjust to their new circumstances and rediscover their own sense of purpose.

Emotional support

Settling into a new job with new colleagues can be exciting but it can become stressful when you're also moving into a different culture, far from the support of family and your network of friends. So if you find that you're feeling lonely, daunted by learning a new language or overwhelmed by living in a new country then call CABA where we can offer you the listening ear of our counsellors any time, 24 hours a day.

Hiran was based in Australia but moved to London to be with his son while he had ongoing medical treatment. Hiran didn't have many contacts in the UK and was worried that his age might make it difficult for him to find a job, but with CABA's support he found work so his son could complete the course of treatment.

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Moving to a new country means that you'll need to find a new home too. If you're renting your current property out while you decide if this move is temporary or long-term, then CABA's legal advice can help you with those knotty legal questions you might have about becoming a landlord.

The legal process to buy property and the costs and taxes are different for each country, along with their own unwritten customs and cultural expectations. Our legal advice line can help you to navigate the process in many countries and smooth the way to your new home.


If you hold on to your previous property, continue paying into an existing pension or have longer term investments, then you could be dealing in two or more currencies and the risks that come with exchange rate fluctuations. You may discover the money you had set aside as a deposit for your new home suddenly falls short, or the income you've been relying on from your previous property or investments no longer covers the expenses in the way you'd planned. When a spouse or partner is unable to earn, then finances can soon become stretched by factors that are outside your control.

Unexpected healthcare or long term care can spiral quickly beyond your budget and you may not want, or be able to return to your home for treatment.

So, if you find that you're having a hard time with money, we can help with grants for essential household repairs right through to emergency accommodation if you're affected by a natural disaster.


CABA provides free support to past and present ICAEW members, ACA students and their close families around the world. For information, advice and support, you can contact us in confidence, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.