We understand that you might hesitate to turn up the thermostat if you're worried about how to pay the bills. That's why we're committed to making a fuel payment each winter to those who need it.

Who is eligible?

Like all of CABA's services, the winter fuel payment is available to past and present ICAEW members, and their spouse, partner, widow, or widower. You're eligible to use CABA's services for your whole lifetime, even if you no longer pay ICAEW membership fees.

If you receive any of the following income related benefits, you’ll automatically qualify for the payment from CABA and we don’t need to assess your financial position: 

  • Pension Credit
  • Universal Credit
  • Income Related Income Support
  • Income Related Job Seeker's Allowance
  • Income Related Employment Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Working Tax Credits
  • Child Tax Credits
  • Council Tax Support

Even if you don’t receive any of the above benefits, you may still qualify for a winter fuel payment from CABA. Contact us to find out more.

How to apply

Applications open in November and will be paid the following January. If in the meantime you are struggling to pay your utility bills please call us to see how we may be able to help.

If you receive any of the above benefits, you'll automatically qualify for the payment. All we'll need from you is:

  • A copy of your benefit notice
  • A copy of your most recent bank statement