During this period of complex and drawn out negotiation it seems that every new article and report just adds more uncertainty, complexity and confusion to the situation.

Both UK and EU residents face the consequences of these decisions in both their professional life and personal lives - and yet these decisions are outside their control.

Right now we're living in a time of doubt and ambiguity which can feel to some to be uncomfortable and stressful. Many ICAEW members have told us that they feel resentment and anger about the situation and a sense of dislocation and disconnection from the referendum and the decisions being made. It's difficult to make plans without a sense of stability, not to mention the nagging practical worries about your income, looking after a family and staying healthy in the future.

We're hearing ICAEW members ask questions such as:

  • How will it affect my family's healthcare provision and costs?
  • How will it impact my pension?
  • How will it affect my retirement plans?
  • Will I still have a right to work here?
  • Should I take the promotion if it means moving to or from the UK or Europe?
  • Will changing exchange rates make it difficult to pay the bills?
  • What will happen to my business that I've worked so hard to build up?
  • Will I still be welcome in my adopted country even if I do have a right to stay?
  • If I move back will I feel at home in a place I'd chosen to leave behind?

While we can't answer these questions right now, what we can offer you in midst of these challenging times is a reassuring certainty that we'll always be here for you. We're here to support you - however you feel, whatever choices you make and wherever you are living across the world.

So, if you're stressed, under pressure or upset by the process of the UK leaving the EU, or you need practical help to move on personally or professionally talk to us at CABA. We can help.

Brexit - impact on ICAEW members

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