Mindfulness can be defined as ‘non-judgmental, moment to moment awareness.’ Contrary to what you might believe, mindfulness isn’t about becoming calmer and more relaxed, though you might experience those as a welcome side effect.  Being mindful is about being present and aware of what’s going on right now – within you and around you.

The ability to be mindful can change how you experience a situation. You can become more responsive, and less reactive to circumstances and events, leading to positive improvements for yourself, your family, your colleagues and your organisation.

Research has led to mindfulness being used in a clinical setting as a treatment for some types of depression. The impact of mindfulness in the workplace has also been thoroughly researched and documented.

Over 270 studies demonstrate that the outcome of mindfulness training can lead to a range of professional benefits for both you as an individual and for the organisation where you work.

According to the latest research, the benefits of mindfulness include:

  • Improving your wellbeing, reducing stress and the risk of burnout
  • Helping you to become aware of outdated patterns of thinking and behaviour that may no longer be serving you well
  • Increasing your performance and productivity
  • Boosting your focus and concentration
  • Promoting staff engagement
  • Making meetings more effective
  • Encouraging you to see the bigger picture and seeing things as they really are
  • Being better able to manage your emotions
  • Better communication skills personally and professionally
  • Enhancing personal and professional relationships

Developing mindfulness is an investment in your own personal development. In a competitive professional environment, it’s a skill that can set you apart from others. During the mindfulness process you observe your behaviour and thinking patterns, helping to improve your self-awareness. This information enables you to develop a new and more effective approach to relating to yourself and others. Mindfulness is a practical discipline. You cannot become more mindful by reading about theory; you need to practice regularly to develop and hone your skill.

Discover more about mindfulness and simple techniques you can practice at home to help you feel calmer, more productive and take back control with CABA’s online mindfulness courses and interactive webinars.