Niksen literally means doing nothing. No scrolling through social media, watching TV or even indulging in a hobby. It’s simply a short space in your day when you power down and deliberately let life run its own course while you’re lost in the moment.

There’s no goal or objective and nothing to measure or track. You can’t be good or bad at it. Niksen is a chance to get off the treadmill, rediscover your natural rhythm and rest. It’s a system reset, and especially useful when you’re exhausted or worn out from thinking.

According to research, deliberately making time for niksen each day can ease away stress and help you to relax, improve your immune function and inspire you to be more creative. In fact, when you return to an activity after niksen you might discover a fresh solution or that a new approach springs to mind.  

As a child it was easy to mentally dip the clutch and let your mind freewheel for a while. But over time we lose that easy way of going with the flow now and again. Start with these ideas to rediscover that feeling:

  • Sit and watch the world go by
  • Listen to the birds
  • Contemplate the light shining through leaves
  • Close your eyes and lose yourself in to music
  • Inhale the aroma of your coffee with every sip
  • Lie down and watch clouds float past
  • Soak up sunshine from a park bench
  • Watch raindrops falling into puddles
  • Be still and tune in to the sounds of the world around you
  • Bring your gaze to a soft focus on a single object