High blood pressure often has no symptoms, so go to your local pharmacy or GP for a regular check. Small changes can make a big difference. The key is to be consistent to see positive results.

Lose weight

Just losing 5-7% of body weight can improve your blood pressure

Munch berries

Blackberries, strawberries and raspberries are packed full of healthy polyphenols that dilate vessels and reduce pressure

Stretch out

Tight muscles don’t hold their ‘share’ of blood and increase the pressure. Stretch gently every day – especially your calves - to increase their capacity

Let the sun shine

Blood pressure can rise when you’re short on vitamin D. Your body can make enough from sunshine all summer, but you might need a helping hand from a supplement over the winter

Move it

Exercise conditions your cardiovascular system and keeps your vessels flexible. You don’t need a gym. Tackle chores like raking, weeding, digging, vacuuming and sweeping with gusto instead.

Discover balance

Potassium regulates your heart rate and balances the sodium (salt) in the body. Find it in avocadoes, potatoes, tomatoes, salmon, milk, yoghurt and nuts

Cut down

Limit alcohol, caffeine, sugar and refined carbohydrates like bread and pasta to keep your blood pressure and your blood sugar on an even keel

And relax…

Reduce stress with yoga, tai chi, mindfulness or creative hobbies and make sure that you get enough good quality sleep every night.

These tips don’t replace medical advice. If you’re at all concerned about your health, make an appointment to chat to your GP.

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