Have you ever been completely absorbed by a TV programme and looked down with surprise at the pile of sweet wrappers in your lap? This is a perfect example of mind-LESS eating.

Savour the flavour

Mindful eating meditation

Choose a bite size piece of food like a square of chocolate or a piece of cheese.

  1. Hold the food in your hand. Look closely. Notice its colour, texture and shape
  2. Turn it over in your hands. Is it hard or soft? Sticky or springy?
  3. Bring the food to your nose and inhale its smell
  4. Place a tiny piece on your tongue and taste its flavour
  5. Chew slowly. Notice the texture and whether the taste changes
  6. Is a taste left in your mouth after you swallow?

Eat more mindfully every day

Follow these tips to pepper your day with moments of mindful eating:

  • Give your meal your full attention. Unplug while you eat
  • Eat at a properly laid table when you can
  • Pause. Notice and appreciate appetising aromas and the colour of your food
  • Take a moment to be grateful. Consider everyone who has contributed to providing your meal
  • Slow down. Take time to appreciate the full flavour of your food and enjoy each mouthful