Feeling great on the inside starts with positive emotions. These help counteract the moods that deplete your mental energy. By boosting your emotional wellbeing, you can greatly improve all aspects of your health, inside and out.

5 top tips for a healthy mind

Foster healthy relationships

Relationships are vital for emotional wellbeing. Make more time for the people you care about, including members of your family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours.

Breathe deeply

Practise taking a few deep breaths whenever you feel stressed or anxious.

Be mindful

Being fully aware of the present moment can help reduce stress. Find lots of useful tips on how you can bring mindfulness into your day with Action For Happiness.

Talking things through

Sharing your problems with friends, family and work colleagues can help you find the solutions while showing that you value their listening skills.

Take time out

Regular breaks during the day can help you find perspective (5 minutes to make a cup of tea may be all you need).

Managing your mental wellbeing

Many aspects of modern life can affect our mental wellbeing, often leaving us with feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. Our guides by mental health charity Mind can help you get a better understanding of your mental health and make steps towards improving your overall emotional wellbeing.

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Boost your resilience

Most of us face pressure at some point or another during our life. How you respond to this pressure is an indication of how resilient you are. By understanding your own levels of resilience you can develop personal and effective coping strategies that’ll help you overcome any challenges that come your way, and that’s what our webinar will help you do.

Your health connected

Few things are more important, or more connected, than your physical and emotional wellbeing. And because it’s a good idea to look after both, we created our handy Health matters guide. In it you’ll find everything you need to know about managing stress, relaxation techniques and mindfulness, as well as top tips for coping with pressure and more. Download our Health matters guide.

Healthy body

From webinars to apps, we’ve got the tools that’ll help you take care of your physical wellbeing.

Boost your physical wellbeing

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