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Being resilient means:

  • You’re able to recognise when you’re feeling stressed
  • You have strategies to manage pressure so it doesn’t turn into stress
  • You don’t dwell on things that go wrong but see them as a learning opportunity
  • You have a positive, determined mindset 

It’s not hard to see how building your resilience could help during exam season. By developing yours you’ll have the time, space and mindset to focus on your studies and take the next step in your career.

Resilience before exams

Looking after your physical and emotional health is a vital part of being resilient. For tips you can put into practice straight away, watch our 10 minute on demand webinar designed specifically for ACA students.

Watch resilience before exams webinar

1-minute #wellbeinghacks

Your diet, environment and lifestyle all impact on your productivity. And you can control all of these things. You don’t need to make drastic adjustments. Small changes can have a big impact.

Watch our 1-minute #wellbeinghacks for quick practical tips and resources to help you stay focused this exam season.

Hack 1: 4 ways to power your brain for exams

Identify how nutrition can help you stay focused and motivated during exam season.

Hack 2: Move it!

Discover how to fit exercise into a hectic schedule of working and studying.

Hack 3: Calm your mind

Learn how to spot when you’re feeling the pressure and how to bounce back.

Whether you’re stressed about exams or struggling with your finances, we’re here to listen. And to help.

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