Stress - Image of pressure being put on a pencil

Mostly A's

You’re at a higher risk of experiencing stress and you may currently be aware of feeling stressed. If you have experienced any of the conditions or symptoms mentioned in this stress test then it is advisable to seek help from your GP who can make a proper medical diagnosis. In conjunction with medical support, you can access all the CABA website resources mentioned below

Mostly B's

Your score suggests that you could be at risk of experiencing stress either in the short or the long term. Consider boosting your resilience as a protection against stress by safeguarding your wellbeing with conscious healthy eating and drinking, an exercise programme and a relaxation strategy. Check out CABA's Good Sleep Guide, tips on Healthy Eating as well as some alternative ideas for exercise that everyone can do. Build a wide and diverse support network and use it! Start to identify who you can talk to when things go wrong at work and at home, but be proactive don't wait until you’re in trouble to seek help. Check out CABA's guide to Talking Therapies and don't underestimate the importance of friends, family and work colleagues as confidantes.

Mostly C's

You do not appear to be suffering from stress. This may be that you are handling pressure with effective strategies such as seeking timely support, managing your time well and protecting your 'me' time. However, bear in mind that habitual 'under stretch' can also ultimately lead to stress. If this sounds like you then you might want to look at introducing some 'good' motivating pressure into your life or work to ensure you continue to operate at your optimum potential.

Are you an ICAEW member or student?

If so you can attend CABA's free courses which will be launch in January 2014. Family members of ICAEW members are also eligible to attend these courses. For more advice and information please contact us.