Dates and venues

Location Newbury

Venue Donnington Valley Hotel, Old Oxford Road, Donnington, RG14 3AG

Date 08 May 2019

Registration time 09.00

Start time 09.30

End time 16.00

Location London

Venue The Lincoln Centre, 18 Lincoln's Inn Fields, WC2A 3ED

Date 14 May 2019

Registration time 09.00

Start time 09.30

End time 16.00


Refreshed my mindfulness techniques makes me more confident to use them and will help me cope with stressful situations

- Course delegate

This course allows you the time and space to practice a variety of mindfulness techniques in order to help you approach difficulty with more ease, cultivate kindness and appreciate the good things in life, even when things are tough.

What's this course about?

This day focuses on practicing mindfulness with less emphasis on the theory, so you can concentrate on experiencing mindfulness and/or improving your ability in mindfulness meditation.

You need to have some knowledge of mindfulness – for example by completing the Mindfulness for beginners course - and the theory and research behind it before taking this course.

What will you get out of it?

The day will give you the opportunity to practice mindfulness, and reflect and extend your practice in a relaxed, leisurely fashion. Practicing mindfulness techniques can improve your ability to cope with stress in the workplace or at home, manage anxiety or depression or improve your concentration, energy levels and enjoyment of life.

After completing this course you will be able to

  • Identify your own motivations and intentions for mindfulness
  • Use mindfulness to approach and deal with difficulty
  • Cultivate kindness using mindfulness exercises
  • Appreciate the good using mindfulness exercises
  • Apply practical mindfulness tools and techniques to help you use mindfulness to:
    • manage strong emotions
    • maintain health and well-being
    • improve productivity
    • improve working relationships

Is this course for you?

This day is suitable for those who have attended mindfulness days or courses previously.

Please note: This course may not be considered suitable at this time for those affected by acute depression, active or recent substance (alcohol or drug) addictions, P.T.S.D., Bi-polar disorder, current or past psychosis, significant long standing interpersonal difficulties - for example currently meeting the criteria for a personality disorder, by recent trauma, significant loss such as divorce, bereavement or unresolved grief reaction.

If you're affected by any of these conditions and the course is not for you, there are many other ways in which we can support you. To find out more please contact us on +44 (0) 1788 556 366.


Delegates need to be open to some self-analysis within a safe and supportive environment. Participants are invited to wear comfortable clothing.

Terms and conditions
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